Meet me


I’m a digital media obsessed traveller. I can write a 500 word blog post in the time it takes you to make your morning coffee. I love producing digital content, creating marketing strategies, and navigating the social media landscape. My background in media, marketing, and PR has made me extremely agile — I can help you copy write your website, reach your customers through content marketing, build a following on social media, innovate your brand, or create and execute a media strategy to achieve your marketing objectives. The bottom line: I know how to talk to any audience and I know how to drive business results.

As a writer, I’ve written for VICE, Canadian Living, CBC, Toronto Sun, and Addicted Magazine. In my spare time, I ghostwrite for various marketing and small business blogs. I’m a firm believer in having a serious side hustle, and I work with clients in various industries on their content and marketing strategies. I’ve written on topics such as weddings, self-help, start-ups, real estate, interior design, recruiting, SEO and Google AdWords (to name a few).

After spending a year backpacking South East Asia and Europe, I call Toronto home. I’m addicted to AskReddit, electronic music, and running around the city looking for the best Instagram-worthy coffee shop.

While you’re here, check out my writing portfolio in the menu for all of my work.


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