About Me

Samantha Durnford

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About me

I have over 10 years of marketing and communications experience and have worked within the entire marketing funnel.  I can create strategic mass campaigns, working with agencies and internal partners on branding, TV, radio, print, and social media campaigns or I can work on targeted acquisition and engagement campaigns. I believe in making data-based decisions, whether it’s insights and past campaign results, or running qualitative and quantitative studies. 

At Scotia, my team is responsible for product marketing, customer engagement, and digital customer journeys. We drive revenue growth through segmenting, offers, and continuous measurement to execute impactful campaigns. I work with matrix teams of 20+ stakeholders and am a people manager of high performing individuals who are dedicated to overachieving results for our stakeholders. My background in SaaS and B2B tech start-ups gives me a agile mindset, and I’m able to wear many different hats while motivating my team to be adaptive and collaborative.

In my spare time, I work with small businesses creating content, digital, and social media marketing strategy. I help craft impactful content marketing strategies and educate entrepreneurs on organic social growth tactics.  I write SEO and keyword driven blog posts that will engage audiences with a conversational tone that I’ve honed after many years as a journalist and writer. 

Storytelling is rooted in everything I do. Conversations are how we connect, evolve, and build relationships. I’d love to help you tell your story — whatever kind of story that may be. 

A bit more about me:

  • Currently completing my Master’s of Business Administration at DeGroote University (graduating class of 2022)
  • Works at Scotiabank as a Senior Manager, Retail Customer Engagement in Canadian Marketing
  • Has a side hustle helping small businesses with content marketing strategies, social media measurement, and branding, customer personas, and social & content marketing strategies
  • Makes the most impact coaching and developing talent, leading strategic projects and managing many stakeholders, and bringing to life big ideas & opportunities/solving problems
  • Can craft digital marketing journeys, from KPI creation to execution and measurement


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