Christina Martin proves herself with I Can Too

Halifax singer gets personal with her new album

September 17, 2010- The Dalhousie Gazette

Samantha Durnford, Arts Contributor

Christina Martin is a force to be reckoned with. As the tiny, soft-spoken 31-year-old steps onto the stage at Seahorse Tavern, you aren’t prepared for what’s about to hit you. She has one hell of a voice.

Martin celebrated her newest album, I Can Too last Friday night at the Seahorse Tavern. This is her third album to be released, and you could tell she was proud by the smile on her face.

The crowd sat around tables lit by candles. As you looked around, everyone’s eyes were glued to Martin on stage. It may even be safe to say that people were not even speaking as she began to play her first song, “Daisy.” It was even hard to believe that you were at the Seahorse, as the atmosphere was so intimate. Martin made eye contact with nearly everyone.

She played her acoustic guitar and sang with purpose. Her voice soothed your heart and captured your soul as she guided you into her own. She painted pictures with her words and invited you into her songs as if they were written for you.

She played “Hello”, the first song off her album. This song was so intense and beautifully written that I could feel my heart beat faster as the tempo of the song rises and falls. The words and music dance perfectly together.

Martin sang clearly and forcefully throughout the whole set, stopping to say hi to her mom and thank special people in the crowd who helped her get to where she is now. She told stories that made the crowd laugh and she spoke very highly of her band.  Clearly, she is very grateful for everything she has.

She stopped to say, “Hey! Did you guys know I’m engaged!?”. The crowd cheered as she segued into her next song, “Take.”

Each song has lyrics that provide a window into her heart. She puts such strength into each song and you can feel the music hit you. At one point the guy next to me turned to his friend and said, “That was fucking awesome.”

Her all male band provided a great contrast of back-up singing. She sang a very raw song called, “I’m Gonna Die. This song, she explained, is about panic attacks and was inspired by her ex’s little girl who couldn’t decide what snack she wanted before bed, simply stating “I’m gonna die.”

Martin said that the girl put the feeling into words better then she ever could and “this song is for her.”

She mixed up her set with old favourites such as “The Bike Song” and “You Come Home”, from her last album Two Hearts. Encouraging the crowd to sing along, they do. You could feel the love and support in the room for her.

Martin ended the show with title track, “I Can Too.” This song has earned the title of the album with its upbeat and empowering words.

The new album has managed to impress. Martin shows evolution with her new songs without straying from her original sound, one that works for her and that her fans seem to love.

After she got off stage, she took time to sign CDs and give extra thank-yous and hugs.  I asked her how she felt about the show and she took a deep breath, looked around and said, “I’m very happy. All these people here…it’s awesome.”

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