Gloryhound tightens up their act

Friday Oct, 29 2010- The Dalhousie Gazette

Members of Gloryhound say they're sound has changed. (Photo: Samantha Durnford)

Samantha Durnford, Assistant News Editor

Gloryhound, the Halifax-raised rock ’n’ roll band, is playing their first show since returning from their summer tour.

After locking a record deal with Ralph James of The Agency Group after the Juno Awards, Gloryhound set out to tour Southern Ontario. With a new record waiting to be released, the band is ready to show Halifax a more mature side of their music.

“I think our sound has changed,” says Evan Meisner, the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. “It’s still very much rock and roll, but it’s a straight rock sound. We try and make our sounds viable with pop music, as far as song writing goes, but our sound is very loud and aggressive.”

Dave Casey, lead guitar and back-up vocals, says their sound has definitely changed a bit.

“I think our sound is way more simplified and focused and more stripped down.”

With a new record deal under their belt, the band is ready to break into the scene with force. After touring Toronto the guys who have known each other since high school took stock of themselves.

“When we went to Toronto, I think we can all agree we worked our asses off there, tightening up,” says Casey.

“You kind of have to,” says Meisner. “You’re a little more hungry when you

get to Toronto, since there’s so many bands everywhere, whereas in Halifax everyone kind of knows who you are and you don’t have that thriving urge to go out there and be the best band on the bill. But in Toronto that’s what we did: tried to be the best band out there.”

“We’re not fuckin’ around anymore,” chirps in Shaun Hanlon, the drummer.

The guys agree that Gloryhound can be described as “aggressive.” They’re been working hard and have played shows as guests with Matt Mays & El Torpedo, The Novaks and The Trews. As a whole, the band is ready to release their second official album and get noticed.

“Our music is not something that when you sit in a bar will be playing in the background,” says Hanlon. “If you’re in the bar you’re going to know what’s going on because there’s going to be no other option.”

“It demands attention,” says Casey. “That’s what we want to do, have people listen to us.”

With new songs and a tuned up sound, Gloryhound is ready to put on a show that you won’t forget.

Hanlon says that you’ll see a huge difference in the band from when they played six months ago at the Seahorse Tavern. He says you’ll see “a lot more energy and a lot more sweat.”

“Expect to see melt-your-face-off rock and roll.”

Check out Gloryhound at the Seahorse on Oct. 30.

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