A glance through Google

I decided to Google my name today and I found some cool stuff. Some of my articles got picked up by other publications and I didn’t even know. Take a peek at what I found!

The Chord in Waterloo, Ontario picks up my article on Megan Leslie and campus talks

The Globe Campus picks up the article Laura and I wrote about the O'Neill report

Reverbnation quoted my review of Christina Martin for their page on her.

2 thoughts on “A glance through Google

  1. Ryan says:

    Just found you from reading your post on my buddy Myke’s page. I was just curious about these articles that you found(and obviously had written for another paper). It is cool that you are getting out there, but how did it feel that they didnt ask permission(I’m assuming they didnt or possibly the paper you write for has the syndication rights). Either way cool to see you becoming a well respected journalist.

    Keep up the good work, love your writing style.


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