Back to reality…


My yearlong trip has come to an end and currently, I’m staring out at rainy skies in Halifax. After some much needed Tim Horton’s, it’s nice to be back in Canada where everyone is SO POLITE!

This past year has been so full of experiences; I can only hope to continue to travel in my own city. Often times, people think of travel as big (often expensive) trips to another county, when in reality they’re missing the opportunities around them. If we can go to another city and explore for days, why can’t we do so at home?

I’m excited to be living in Toronto. Being away has just made me love it even more. We’re so lucky to have a city with so much opportunity. I’m also excited to begin my job hunt. I’m looking for an opportunity in digital content – whether that be writing, editing, social media, or marketing.

With that, my portfolio is now newly updated and I’m back on the blogging grind. I’ll also still be updating our travel blog, since I fell a bit behind in Europe and I also want to keep inspiring people to travel. So, I’ll have some other kinds of content on there as well.

Thanks for reading – it’s good to be home!


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