Marketing in 2016: What should we expect?


Everyone is busy making year end predictions and talking about what we should prepare for in 2016 in regards to content marketing and digital marketing. While everyone loves a good list, I decided to share my thoughts regarding three things specifically we should take note of next year in the marketing world. 

Attention spans are getting even shorter

According to a 2015 study by Microsoft Corp., our average attention span is now a mere eight seconds. Yes, eight seconds. Did you know a goldfish has the attention span of nine seconds? A goldfish has the higher chance of watching an entire Vine, whereas you are more likely to swipe before it’s over. How crazy is that?

Marketing is going to have to continue to adapt to this insane statistic. Your e-mails need to be shorter and catchier, your ad campaigns need to be attention grabbing and creative, and your content marketing needs to be incredibly relevant to your audience. Hiring talented copywriters and designers to make your content make an impact is going to be crucial in 2016.

Get (even more) comfortable with mobile

I’m not talking about mobile content — that’s a no brainer. Rather, people are wanting to do even more with their phone, such as actually paying for things. Making your business available via mobile payments is a leap you’re going to have to start thinking about sooner rather than later. On the marketing side of things, the team is going to have to have ecommerce on the mind.

Make it easy for customers to make purchases online either through your website or app. Offer discounts for “skip the line” type payments, like Starbucks has. There are so many cool start-ups out there offering mobile payment options. We already know people have their eyes on their phones, why not make it easier for them to purchase on their phone as well? Making the consumer close the website or app and physically go into the store to make a sale is causing you to lose serious momentum.

Don’t shy away from unconventional 

If you don’t have eyes on Reddit, or Snapchat stories, or Instagram videos, then you need to hire some people who are more “with it”, grandpa. While Reddit may seem like a scary abyss where people share cat pictures and memes you don’t always understand, it’s a huge opportunity for trends, conversations, and marketing. ADWEEK just published a really informative article about why you should market on Reddit.

As for Snapchat, I personally don’t always “get it”, but clearly over 100 million users do and it’s an area you need to at least have some feelers in. If you can manage to fit your brand into Snapchat, you have huge potential for relationship building, social networking, and word of mouth marketing with your audience. This goes the same for Instagram videos. Stay away from the boring, stuffy advertising and actually speak to your audience, meeting them in the right way on the social network of their choice.

Video marketing will be huge for 2016 and with that eight second attention span, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Vine (with posting to Twitter) is perfect for quick hits of strategic, creative content.

Obviously, I can’t predict what 2016 will hold but let me know if you have any insights you’d like to share in the comments below!


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